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2019年4月28(日)29(月・祝)三鷹SCOOL(三鷹市下連雀3-33-6 三京ユニオンビル5F)にて、上演決定!


作・演出:ミニスキュル・シングス (立川貴一+𠮷田アミ)






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Kiichi Tachikawa in “Summer Spring”

29 & 29 April 2019 at SCOOL, 5F Sankyo Union Bld. 3-33-6 Shimorenjyaku, Mitaka, Tokyo.  

Based on Ami Yoshida “Summer Spring” 2007

Direction by minuscule shings (Kiichi Tachikawa + Ami Yoshida)

Music by Yoshio Ohtani and Ryuichi Yoshida


Ami’s Autobiographical novel was describing  season of the hell in the first year of Heisei era.  Now she make the theater piece of that by herself. Let’s go and see the hell in the end of Heisei!